Came across this post by the IMEU , sharing the news of Palestinian martyr Yahya Ali Adwan,the 27 years old, due to injuries he sustained after the armed Zionist occupation militia opened fire on him in Kafr Qaddoum village, east of Qalqilya city.While he was protesting against the illegal occupation of his land , standing up against the oppression , the anti semetic militias killed a semetic Palestinian.Where several Palestinians were injured as a result of direct shooting by Israeli occupation forces marching against settlements expansion and in support of occupied Al-Quds.

It’s the language of slavery that’s enraging, calling the illegal occupation “soilders” giving them an image of a legitimate force of a legitimate country, fighting for their land.When they’re armed to teeth ,non semetic ,foreign trained and funded , illegal militias, spreading terrorism on the land of semetic Palestinians.

For sake of clarity and argument ,If Zionist militias are “soliders” then should we call the Nazi’s or terrorists like ISIS and all others soilders too? Because they also believe that they’re fighting for a cause. Why we are normalizing the language of oppression? Unfortunately it’s the same with many other pro Palestinian activists and media outlets. An absolutely degrading and coward trait , that you don’t have the courage to use the right words and speak the truth.

Moreover, refraining from using the word Palestinian Holocaust, when the very definition of The word “Holocaust” means destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially by fire or heat , or the killings of large number of people “.Is Gaza not a concentration camp? When millions are locked up in a tiny space , tear gassed , tortured and brutalised. We better begin to use the correct words to describe the crimes in occupied Palestinian land ,or we will be doing Injustice to the oppressed people and normalizing oppression, the history will be writing us cowards and ignorants .

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