Israel launched airstrikes from Lebanese airspace into Syria striking Al Mezzeh Military Airport west of Damascus, Kesawa, and Jimraya were also hit by Israeli airstrikes leaving only three Syrian Soldiers injured in a strike on an arms depot. That is because the Syrian Government stated they deployed Syrian Air Defenses which intercept most of the missiles fired by Israel.

Israel continues to use the excuse of Iran’s imaginary aggression towards Israel in Syria to bomb a sovereign nation. Even if Iran being in Syria allegedly threatens the security of Israel, Iran has permission to be in Syria, and Israel does not. Israel’s airstrikes, Tuesday night violated the airspace of both Lebanon and Syria all under the pretense that Iran is the aggressor thus justifying violating the sovereignty of their neighbors to myopically ensure their own sense of security.

Netanyahu recently stated that Israel will continue to combat Iranian aggression in Syria, “I would like to reassure those who are concerned. Our cooperation with the U.S. will continue in full and in many areas: Operations, intelligence and many other security spheres.” In September of this year, Israel’s hostile actions in Syria cause a Russian reconnaissance plane to shot out of the sky by Syrian air defenses which cause 15 Russian soldiers to lose their lives. Syrian air defenses were responding to an attack by the Israeli Air Force, Israeli jets hid behind the larger Russian reconnaissance plane causing the Syrian air defenses to strike the Russian plane instead of the Israeli jets.

Since this incident, there have been far fewer Israeli air raids in Syria which can be contributed to Russia providing them with the S-300 air defense system just one month after a Russian Military plane was brought down in Syria by friendly fire. This is the same air defense system that was used to defend Syria from another act of Israeli aggression Tuesday night while most in the world was still celebrating Christmas.

Israel rarely admits to their own acts of aggression as Netanyahu cries wolf from the rooftops about Iran’s acts of aggression, but they were forced to admit to the airstrikes carried out Christmas night as the Syrian S-300 air defense system foiled and exposed the attack by Israel on Syria. Israel’s own air defenses intercepted a Syrian anti-aircraft missile fired from Damascus and no injuries or damage were reported in Israel.

Although Israel is claiming they carried out the airstrikes to hit Iran and Hezbollah targets in Syria yet, no deaths or injuries were reported from Hezbollah or Iran, instead Syrian soldiers were injured. How long will the international community allow Israel to use the mirage of Iranian aggression to violate the sovereignty of other countries? In the Palestinian conflict, Israel blames the Palestinians Hamas and Hezbollah. In Syria, they blame Iran. In Lebanon the blame is put on Hezbollah, but the blame is never put on Israel, Israel is never the aggressor, Israel is allowed to do what it wants and if you question that, you’re antisemitic!

Written by Joziah Thayer – Twitter @ Dapeaple – You can read more or my articles here.

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