Donald Trump abruptly announced Wednesday that the United States is pulling 2,000 troops out of Syria. Trump declared victory over ISIS in Syria and claimed that was the only reason why he was in Syria during his presidency. Within minutes of this announcement via Twitter by Trump lawmakers from both sides of the aisle and talking-heads from all the major news networks were screaming from the rooftops about how Trump was making a huge mistake by removing troops from Syria.

Multiple reports came out following the news that Trump planned to remove U.S. troops from Syria including a wide range of doomsday scenarios that were printed and spewed by dozens in Legacy Media. Ridiculous claims like pulling our troops will only help Assad and Putin or that the U.S. pulling out of Syria threatens the security of Israel. It’s easy to dissect these narratives because the United States failed its original mission in Syria which was to overthrow Assad. In fact, Assad has liberated most of Syria from hostiles and is at no risk of losing the war in Syria. The United States will most likely impose further sanctions on Syria in efforts to isolate the country.

Once it became clear that the United States was not going to succeed in unseating Assad, the U.S. mission in Syria quickly shifted to combating Iranian influence in Syria in order to protect Israel. The Irony in this uneducated narrative is that Russia and Iran were asked to help Assad in Syria as the United States and European nations were trying to overthrow Assad, so Russia and Iran wouldn’t be in Syria if not for the actions of western powers.

European nations especially France and the United Kingdom have an economic interest in Syria. Their interest is in a gas pipeline being allowed to be built that cuts through Syria, currently Europe imports most of its natural gas from Russia. This gives Russia the ability to dictate prices or completely cut off Europe in the middle of winter which it has been done in the past. In 2011 Assad denied Qatar and Turkey the permission to build a pipeline through Syria, Assad instead, gave permission to Iran and Iraq to build their pipeline which was dubbed the Friendship Pipeline. Shortly after president Assad granted Iran and Iraq permission to build their pipeline through Syria that is when we seen unrest began in Syria.

The last narrative that is being published is that this threatens the security of Israel if we leave Syria. The United States gives billions of dollars in aid to Israel including arms and Israel’s security is not America’s responsibility. Israel is a regional nuclear-capable superpower and is not a member of NATO, why does the United States have to defend them?

The War Machine has been unwittingly exposed, and not the inhumane unauthorized wars the United States is involved in throughout the world, but the minions who keep this War Machine well oiled were all exposed in a single Tweet. Minions like the host and authors of your favorite news programs and publications, familiar faces you invite into your home on a daily basis. Whether it be Brook Baldwin, Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity or Anderson Cooper it doesn’t matter what political party you align yourself with, the War Machine has no party.

Written by Joziah Thayer – Twitter @ Dapepale

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