Hillary Clinton has been involved in a scandal in every decade since 1970 maybe even before that, as she was a lawyer for President Nixon’s defence team. From her alleged affair with Vincent Foster when Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas this was a rumor whispered among the elites in Little Rock at the time, to Benghazi and EmailGate to this day. You would think that a women with this much discourse in her political background couldn’t possibly be Commander and Chief of these United States.

This blog and any information thereof was gathered and submitted by the members of WEDA a free speech coalition of truth seekers and political activist whose soul mission is to expose the institutions that take advantage of the less fortunate or a purposely misinformed American public and republics abroad in which their free speech is being suppressed.

A lot of the talking heads are saying Hillary needs Bernie supporters to switch over to her side but we can’t, we cannot be complicit in that charade you call a campaign praying on the purposefully misinformed and less fortunate. We can not and will support a candidate with as much blood on their hands as you do never mind that fact that our brothers and sisters at Anonymous is taking you cowards on. Hillary for America the hidden tapes will keep coming from every corner you want to cheat from, we will be there watching and recording, please don’t be mad we’ve already infiltrated multiple campaign offices we’re already deep within your whims…you mad bro? Good! So our we. We are the Youth of a Nation, you gave us technology now watch us use it, you will reap what you’ve sown.. Coming after one of our members unsuccessfully doesn’t mean oh shite, no harm. No foul. No it means you took your shot now we take our shot. In the words of my dear friend ““Maybe I am out my fuckin’ tree or absolutely bat-shit crazy but I hope you’ll love every branch and every letter of true shit I type. To whomever it may concern The WEDA Coalition hereby release into the depths of the imagination of a so-called free society these documents and if you don’t like them, then fuck whomever you may be and the bloody hole you breached. Everyone has a few screws loose and once in a while one might wiggle loose and fall out lets just hope I don’t have a fucking keyboard when one drops.” (theriverkid) Co-Founder of The WEDA Coalition.

My name is Ifbehtkcuf, Mother-Fuckers unite!

the smoking gun

This is a picture from the crime scene where it is believed that Vincent Foster who worked for Bill Clinton as a White House Lawyer or council committed suicide, there is one glaring problem here, there is no blood spatter on his hand or his white sleave.Three hardened homicide detectives with a combined experience of nearly 75 years all say that this is a very abnormal position for a gun to be in for a typical suicide victim.


This is the real crime scene photo that wasnt release at the time instead the photo first featured in this blog where it seems there is no blood on the sleave of Vincent Fosters right arm. There are two problems with this, first Mr. Foster was left handed and secondly there seems to be alot of blood on the very sleeve that they peddled to public so why isnt there blood on his sleeve in the photo released to the public it because the HRC spin team was well at wok back then.





Mrs Foster is confident her husbands gun was silver and not black.


Mrs. Foster clearly states that her husbands gun was silver, now even in that dark image up top or in the black and whte one down below you can see without a doubt that the gun is black.


Mr. Foster wasn’t alone in the park the afternoon Mr. Patrick Knowlton was there.




Patrick Knowlton is a simple man that was in the park that day doing something very familiar with him, taking a piss before he kept going on his drive. What Mr. Knowlton witnessed that day was this mysterious man in the blue sedan a man who acting very abnormaly that afternoon. Still to this day the investigators in this case nor the public know who this man was, Patrick Knowlton was the only person to have seen this man. Here are the facts and real Grand Jury testimony.


The following are quoted from what has become to be known as the final 20 pages:

Dear Sirs:

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C., Patrick Knowlton respectfully request that this letter be appended to Mr. Starr’s Report on the death of Vincent Foster Jr, to assure that the report is full and complete and to afford (him) a measure of fairness.”

Facts.  While heading home in heavy traffic on the George Washington Parkway, and facing a two-hour commute,  Patrick Knowlton pulled into Fort Macy Park at 4:30 p.m. on July 20th, 1993, to relieve himself. Patrick parked close to the main footpath entrance into the park, between the only two cars in the small parking lot, which were parked just four spaces apart.

To Patrick’s left was parked an unoccupied mid-1980s rust-brown four-door Honda sedan with Arkansas tags (closest to the footpath entrance) , and on his right was a late-model metallic blue-gray sedan, backed into its parking space. A man was seated in the driver’s seat of the blue-gay sedan. Immediately after Patrick parked , the man lowered the passenger side electric window and stared at him, menacingly. This unnerved Patrick as he exited his car.

As he started from his car toward the footpath, Patrick heard the blue-gray sedan’s door open. Apprehensive, Patrick walked to the sign bordering the footpath entrance to the park feigned to read the historical information while nonchalantly glancing to his right to see if the man was approaching. He saw the man leaning on the roof of the driver’s side of his blue-gray sedan, watching him intently. Patrick then cautiously proceed 75 feet down the footpath’s left fork to the first large tree, in the opposite direction from which Mr. Foster’s body was later recovered.

As he relieved himself , Patrick heard the man close his car door. Because the foliage was dense, he couldn’t see  the parking lot and hoped the man wasn’t approaching. As Patrick walked back to the parking lot with a heightened sense of awareness, he scanned the lot but did not see the man. Patrick surmised that the man had either gotten back in his car or perhaps could even be crouching between the brown Honda and Patrick’s car preparing to attack him.

In order to maintain his distance from the space between the two cars until he learned the man’s whereabouts, Patrick walked directly toward the driver’s side door of the brown Honda, and then around the back of it. As Patrick reached the driver’s side door of the brown Honda, he looked through the window. He also looked into the back seat as he walked the length of the car. He saw a dark-colored suit jacket draped over the driver’s seat, a briefcase on the front passenger’s seat, and two bottles of wine cooler on the back seat. As he reached the back of the Honda, Patrick was relieved to see that the man had returned to his own vehicle. The man was still staring fixedly at him.

of the five things witnessed at the park (1) the man and his car, (2) the suit jacket, (3) the briefcase, (4) the wine coolers and (5) the mid-1980s Arkansas brown Honda) the Honda itself is the most relevant. It was not Mr. Foster’s car. When Mr. Foster’s body was discovered approximately 70 minutes after Patrick had left the park, Mr. Foster had been dead for well over 70 minutes. Mr. Foster therefore could not have driven to the park in his Honda, as claimed in the government Reports on the death.

The following evening, Patrick saw on the news for the first time that Vincent Foster had been found dead at Fort Macy Park, so he telephoned U.S. Park Police and reported what he had seen. Nine months later, FBI Special Agent Larry Monroe interviewed him. Monroe subsequently wrote in his reports of those interviews that Patrick “Identified this particular vehicle (Honda) as a 1988-1990…,” and that Patrick “reiterated his description of this Honda as a 1988-1990.” This information was false and known to be false.

Eighteen months later, in October of 1995, Patrick was provided a copy of his then publicly available FBI interview reports by a reporter for a London newspaper. He realized for the first time that Monroe has falsified his account of the car and other fact he had recounted during his FBI interviews. His true account, along with the contradictory information from his FBI interview reports, was reported in the London newspaper on Sunday, October  22, 1995.

Hey Hillary for America…dont be mad bro!


There are many things that have caused us pause during OpMrFoster most troubling is the fact that independant investigtor Robert Fiske said this:

More from this story as the campaign continues…

We the people

Exuding free speech

Deserve nothing less then



@Ifbehtkcuf updated 8/5/16


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