What is the Cyber Industrial Complex? Everything you do online is the CI-C, the videos you watch or post, your twitter likes and Facebook likes, your phone calls both domestically and abroad, your emails, your text messages, what you search online, what Operating System you use and what your cell phone sees and hears are all monitored and stored meaning this doesn’t go anywhere and it is, in fact, a detailed story of your life that can be pieced together decade by decade all by monitoring your online activities. They not only monitor and store your data but they filter your web searches meaning when you search in Google you don’t have the worldwide web at your fingertips as was previously presumed it’s actually a small portion of the actual worldwide web.

Right now the United States Government taps into deep underwater cables that connect us to Europe and Asia basically any data, text emails and phone calls are collected and stored. Why is your government doing this you might ask, well because of terrorism, now don’t you feel safe? Below we will name the companies that profit from this mass surveillance right here in America.


Blue Coat: Located in California creates corporate network filters which have been used in Syria by the Syrian Regime to censor the internet and spy on dissidents. It was illegal for Blue Coat to sell directly to Syria due to the sanctions the United States has placed on Syria. They got around this by selling their product to a company in India which then sold it to the Syrian Regime but it’s disgusting that a company right here in the United States is profiting and contributing to the humanitarian crisis in Syria and the suffering of innocents.

DigiTask: Based in Germany designed software that is unknowingly installed on a users computer by taking advantage of newly found defects known as “Zero Day Exploits” this software can steal encryption keys allowing law enforcement eavesdrop on your activities in real-time unbeknownst to the user. These are the same “Zero Day Exploits” that Harold Thomas Martin the new NSA leaker who worked at the same consulting firm as Edward Snowden Booze Allen Hamilton released to the public and he is now under arrest after FBI raided his home. These were also used in the attack the Security Software company RSA a U.S. defense contractor and further begs the question as to why it is perfectly okay for the FBI and other government agencies to hack our devices without warrant violating our constitutional rights without fear of consequences all under the veil of national security? Releasing to the public exactly how the Federal government is committing constitutional infractions on a daily basis is frowned upon in this establishment.

Paladion: Based in India designed software that can crack encrypted banking transactions and Gmail messages. Paladion provides professional and managed security services in India and internationally. It’s professional security services include security assurance, consulting, compliance, governance, testing, monitoring, and management. It also provides managed network, application, and process level security assessments and testing services; and managed GRC services, such as ISMS maintenance, risk analysis policy design, managing installed security products, reviewing policy adherence, regulatory and compliance reporting, incident response and management, project management, product implementation support, and user training and awareness. In addition, the company offers security. Nowhere in Paladion’s description does it say that their software can crack encrypted banking transactions or Gmail messages. Although we cannot confirm this, it is my personal opinion that Paladion is the unnamed company in which BlueCoat sold their surveillance equipment to bypass U.S. sanctions and the prohibition of trade with Syria.


Glimmerglass: Based in Hayward, California has designed equipment that can help government agencies secretly tap into undersea cables that convey all phone calls and data between continents according to Eric King a human rights advisor to Privacy International. The following is what Glimmerglass describes as their mission, Glimmerglass is the leading supplier of SDN enabled Intelligent Optical Switching and Management solutions. Our purely optical, photonic switching systems enable telecom service providers, government agencies, enterprises, and data network equipment labs worldwide to rapidly and remotely create, monitor, reconfigure and protect optical paths in their networks. Using Glimmerglass systems, customers reduce OPEX, provide faster provisioning, increase automation, and increase network availability. Once again there is no mention of how this company taps into undersea cables and mines all data and phone calls that go across them.

SS8: Is located in Milpitas, California they designed a product called Intellego that allows security forces, federal, state and local agencies to see what you see in real-time including target’s draft-only emails, attached files pictures and videos on any device you own including your Smart TV and your child’s V-Tech. 

I2: Of McLean Virginia makes two products used by police and other government agencies called CopLink and Analysis Notebook which allows the authorities to make sense of reams of data.

The NSA has said, “We ID those who connect to the internet to get rid of anonymity.” Jerry Brito Attorney and senior research fellow of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University responds to what the NSA said “sure that would probably make networks more secure but it’s also what we’d call a police state”. We use social media sites on a daily basis and they are the states greatest surveillance tool the NSA pays these corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others hundreds of millions of dollars for unprecedented access to their communications networks. Both the NSA and the FBI admitted on 60 minutes to getting rid of virtually every other program they used to track and monitor people, now they just use Facebook or Twitter.


“It turns surveillance into a revenue stream,” Marc Rotenberg the Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center told the Washington Post “and that’s not the way its suppose to work” he added. At a conference in August of 2013 former NSA Direct Michael Hayden said the following “The internet wasn’t built to be protected…and that remains in the architecture in today’s World Wide Web, and that’s why we’re in the position we’re in” He went on to say ” so those of you in private industry, I guess the point I really want to make to you is the next sound you hear will not be pounding hoofs of the Federal Calvary coming over the nearest ridgeline to your cyber-rescue, you’re responsible for your own safety” To no surprise these companies took Mr. Haydens warning and in the next few years we’ve seen huge corporations bend the rules of the law hiring hackers to do penetration test on their private networks then they turn around and sell the vulnerabilities back to corporate customers for millions of dollars. The well known Mandiant which uncovered a series of attacks by a branch of China’s Peoples Liberation Army was later hired by the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times after they were attacked. Mandiant’s hackers consult with a number of Fortune 500 companies at a reported rate of $450 an hour.


Former FBI Cyber Lawyer Steven Chabinsky argued at a Cyber Symposium that a company attacked should be able to counter-attack in order to retrieve data. He stated ” It’s virtually accepted that in the physical world you have a right to protect your property without first going to law enforcement” We have corporations like Google and Facebook that use your likes or search engine searches to make millions of dollars and you agree to them making this profit off of you when you agree to the terms and conditions in order to use their services.  Releasing our data freely can be good for many things such as medicine, traffic, and crime, but there comes a time when we as a public are the victims of constitutional stampeding by our local, state and federal government agencies. Barret Brown, Aaron Swartz, Lauri Love, Jeremy Hammond, Matt DeHart, Chelsea Manning and Martin Gottesfeld are or were political prisoners prosecuted, tracked, monitored and hunted into silence, not because of their actions but rather the message they were spreading. Barret Brown was trying to warn the public in so many ways that the United States government has dirty hands with large amounts of real blood on them. He warned the public of the growing Cyber Industrial Complex which is now 150 billion dollar a year industry quietly.


The companies listed above secretly make a fortune off violating our constitutional rights every time we use a device or the fact that the FBI can hack you without your knowledge and the NSA can hand Twitter or Reddit a letter violating their own terms and conditions and your right to privacy all because our government pays them millions of dollars a year to be allowed access to their secure communications networks thus being able to look at your Facebook messages, Twitter Direct Messages, Gmail even an unsent draft or text messages without warrant or your knowledge. Do you think we wear Guy Fawkes mask and swear ourselves to complete anonymity for the fuck of it? No, it’s because government surveillance is real and it’s not because anyone has anything to hide its because the Constitution states that a man’s home is his castle and if my laptop is inside my home then you may not violate my constitutional rights by perusing my laptop. We have a right to anonymity and we will not be lured like fish into your BOP fish tanks nor will we be hunted down by governmental agencies for speaking truth to power. The Cyber Industrial Complex is a 150 billion dollar a year company, but you’re not satisfied you want our privacy as well.

By Joziah –  @dapeaple


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