The language of hatred and ignorance is the tradition of Zionists,  who are not just oppressors and occupiers but ignite others to join their hatred and lies aswell.Their European,  American, Australian DNA is unaware of the semetic roots , so they moan and wail about antisemitism when their crimes are condemned , without realising that they’re the real antisemitic gang . A recent example is these vile remarks by the so called Deputy Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana, “If there was a button I could press that would take all the Arabs and put them on a train to Switzerland, I would” and added “A button like that does not exist. Apparently we were destined to exist here [together] on this land in some form”. After puking such hatred and real intentions he faced backlash from the world , Attempting to later clarify his remarks on Twitter, Kahana said: “Conversing with students yesterday, I referenced that both Jewish and Arab populations aren’t going anywhere”… like Judaism is not a religion but ethnicity. Like ethnicity is same as religion, admitting the ignorance that nonsemetic Europeans don’t know Arabs are semites.

They want us to stop talking about the real antisemitism that is going on in Palestine,  the semetic natives of Palestine oppressed by the nonsemetic Europeans…

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