Humans are always curious to find out what’s going to happen in their lives, almost craving predictions, although there’s always a reason behind this curiosity, most are looking for an escape from the bitter reality of the present with hope for the future,  there is a great calmness in knowing the answers we have about life, most common worries are about money, job, marriage, children, and then about some certain test one is going through in life. Some want answers about their love life, their traveling possibilities as well. Palm reading, tarot cards, or those reading daily horoscope like a religious book, desperate to know what’s coming up next and will their wishes ever be fulfilled.

I do not deny this state of despair overwhelming us, burdening our soul, when we need nothing but answers.I have often heard people saying, that they hate the situations where they don’t know if something is going to happen or not, waiting takes a toll on the soul, body, and mind, we just want to hear a simple answer “yes or no” …These clicks are from a cafe in Istanbul, where I went to with a desperate friend, who was not paying attention to any logical convincing, a colorful place where people spend loads of money for a cuppa and hear what’s going to happen next? Will they get married to their lover?  Will they find success in business?  Will they recover from this ailment? Turkish coffee ” Turk Kahve” is a huge part of the culture,  from drinking that bitter beverage to turning it upside down on the saucer and predicting the future from the coffee that flows down on the sides is taken absolutely seriously by many,  though not by everyone.

Hence, i would like to share my two cents, how can humans know any answers, when they don’t know anything about their own next hour, moreover as a  believer,  I strongly believe the worldly life is nothing but a temporary abode, every living being is a mortal, there’s a beginning and an end, from plants to animals and humans we are here only for a short time, belief in the plan of the creator, he knows everything, from your first breath till your last and everything in it. The Quran says “O ,my people! This worldly life is only ˹a fleeting˺ enjoyment, whereas the Hereafter is truly the home of settlement.” (40:39). Why worry about this temporary journey, when it’s not our destination. such places are colourful and some entertainment but they don’t have the answers.

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