Recommended Privacy-enhancing Software
Google Search Replacement

(search engine that doesn’t track you)



Secure Messaging, Group Chat, and Phone Calls on Mobile

Signal by Open Whisper Systems
(Android version; iPhone version; or search your app store)
– Android: your messages are encrypted when recipient has Signal, unencrypted otherwise
– iPhone: you can only message other Signal users; all those messages are encrypted
Secure Messaging, Group Chat on Desktop

Signal Desktop

(Chrome extension) (must first install Signal mobile app on your phone)
Anonymous Web Browsing
– Desktop:

Tor (torprojectorg)
– Android: Orbot and Orfox (install both, then browse the web using Orfox)
Secure Instant Messaging
– Mobile:


(Android version; iPhone version; or search your app store)
– Windows desktop:

Pidgin+OTR plugin

(howto: ssd
– Mac OS: Adium

( (howto:
Anonymous Instant Me
ssaging on Desktop


( (works on Windows, Mac, and Linux; sends your IMs over Tor)
Skype Replacement

(secure video conferencing)

Jitsi Meet

Browser Extensions

(to increase security between you and websites that support HTTPS)
– HTTPS Everywhere:
Secure Email

(won’t encrypt emails you receive; outgoing ema
ils can optionally be encrypted)


(Android version; iPhone version; desktop web app)
– Emails sent to other ProtonMail users will be encrypted automatically
– When sending encrypted emails, the body & attachments are encrypted, but not the subject

Other Lists of Recommended Software-

(EFF’s “Surveillance Self-Defense”);;

Contact me, Steve Phillips, if you have any questions or need help
– Email:; ProtonMail:
– Ricochet: ricochet:66zh3uiibzlxxqpy
– Other ways to contact me


By Joziah— Information provided by Steve Phillips

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