In September of 2009 Matt DeHart was operating a dead drop server named “The Shell” it is on this dead drop server that a folder containing hundreds of classified files involving an investigation the FBI conducted against the CIA that alleged CIA was behind the anthrax attacks after 9/11. At different time periods Matt received both encrypted and unencrypted versions of this same file on separate hidden servers Matt contends that one of these files were meant for WikiLeaks, Matt deleted these files immediately but kept screenshots. This file also detailed an investigation in which the FBI was investigating as to whether or not the CIA had plans to dump anthrax into multiple rivers in the tri-state area as a tactic of fear mongering to get Americans to go along with the war thus getting Congress to accept the war and vote for it. 

Just 13 months and 16 days later Matt DeHart’s home in Newburgh Indiana was raided on alleged charges of child pornography all data storing devices were removed except for two Ironkey hard drives that were in the families gun case which were not found during the raid. The forensic evidence from these devices allegedly contained child pornography but this evidence wasn’t sent to the Tennessee field office it was sent to the FBI field office in D.C. never to be seen again, the FBI claims the evidence may have been destroyed.

Matt would attempt to seek asylum in multiple countries none of which accepted his request but the most alarming fact we found was that Canada refused him asylum base on the fact that he had a warrant for failure to appear and for suspicion of espionage, but there is no mention of child pornography. We found this to be perplexing because the Canadian authorities mention espionage when we were under the assumption he was arrested for child pornography. I will not write about Matt’s fictionalized charges of child porn because here at WEDA we are an altruistic truth agency not propaganda peddlers. These absurd, outlandish charges are a facade of feigned justice. Its the “shock and aw” effect that the American government prays will help steer away those who want to get involved in Matt’s case. It also destroys his character both online and in his personal life. These have to be recognized as tactics the American government commonly uses to silence, scare, shame and sentence not just American citizens but anyone, anywhere. This is empirical totalitarianism at the highest levels of the American government being challenged by entities that they would deem to be serfs or peasants, yet are able to outwit them easily and embarrass their respective governments. The American government has adopted this “well I’ll show you” type attitude apparently turning a blind eye to the human rights of those they hunt down like witches for exposing truths or leaking classified documents. It’s a cognitive, meticulous and malicious effort to silence people like Matt DeHart and it has gone on quietly behind close doors for decades.

In 2011 the United States Department of Justice admitted that Matt DeHart was arrested “for questioning in an espionage matter” note that this is two years after his arrest and the DOJ tells the public why Matt DeHart was arrested, but there is no mention of these absurd child porn charges because they don’t exist or they haven’t quite washed away the evidence that FBI planted this child porn on Matt’s hard drive, which is why the DOJ would avert mentioning the child porn charges. 

Court files I found detail the incident in which a FBI agent cracked Matt’s uncrackable hard drive, but failed to document the date, time and place that he cracked Matt’s hard drive. You do not need a criminal law degree to know that it is not proper protocol to crack a walnut without documenting it. It is this Coalition’s collective opinion that the reason the date, time and place were not documented is because it is at this time that the FBI planted the child porn evidence on Matt’s hard drive, in their theory solidifying and justifying the grotesque human rights violations Matt DeHart suffered at the hands of the United States Government while he was being illegally detained, tortured and asked questions about WikiLeaks and Anonymous not the child porn that was allegedly on his computer. 

Matt DeHart was drugged and interrogated for an inhumane amount of time diluting any sense of reasoning or cohesive cognitive thought. This is the same tactic police use when they keep you in a room for 19 hours its is solely to create a distorted and easily molded mind. Its is under these conditions that the FBI had Matt DeHart sign consent forms on August 9th in 2010 such as permission for any FBI agent or any Canadian law enforcement to record Matt’s phone calls and authorized agents to assume Matt’s online identities including aliases forcing Matt DeHart under inhumane conditions to hand over the passwords of his email accounts. These events and the practices our tax dollars are paying for which were carried out by federal agents against this man are wholeheartedly un-American and an inhuman cesspool of constitutional infractions.

Matt DeHart’s defense was stymied by the FBI very early in the case when they deemed the interviews the FBI conducted after his arrest to be classified. During these interviews Matt DeHart asserts that he asked for an attorney repeatedly but was never afforded one this is a violation of his Miranda Rights. If the FBI violated Matt DeHart’s rights from the very start of this case, then all evidence collected during these interviews should be immediately discarded as tainted evidence including the consent forms Matt was forced to sign and any evidence the FBI obtained from these email accounts which was ascertained illegally and should be discarded as tainted evidence. That leaves the FBI in a dire situation and desperately grasping at anything to silence Matt DeHart and destroy the file Matt was threatening to release, they created these fake child porn charges and used this as veil to investigate what this file contained? How did Matt get it? How did Matt plan to release it? Why did Matt go to the Russian Embassy? What was Matt’s connection to the group Anonymous? What was Matt’s connection to WikiLeaks?  Matt gave this file to a contact in England and one to a contact in America. He sent one to WikiLeaks after he had received a tip that the FBI was going to charge him. These are the acts of man trying to release information to the public not a criminal trying to cover his tracks.

Why wasn’t the FBI more interested in who may have released this document in the first place, they never allege that Matt DeHart obtained this file illegally, all that is said is that Matt ran a dead drop server over Tor named “The Shell” and received this file both encrypted and unencrypted, but at different times and on separate hidden servers. My point is this proves that any files could have been dumped on Matt DeHart’s dead drop server at any time including images of child pornography 

On November 13th 2015 Matt DeHart was sentenced to 72 months on the child porn charge and 18 months for fleeing the country by Judge Trauger this is the same judge that had previously stated that she believed Matt was being truthful when he stated that he believed the child porn charges leveled against him were a ruse to investigate this file and his dealings with WikiLeaks and Anonymous. How can this same judge then sentence Matt for charges she herself admits to be a ruse, is that justice or injustice? In America you are supposed to be found guilty beyond any reason of doubt by a judge or a jury of your peers. The DOJ has a way around anyone ever getting this opportunity, they get around this by perpetuating fear amongst the ones they are prosecuting to scare them into taking ridiculous plea bargains instead of going to trial. If Matt’s case had gone to trial and the interview transcripts were declassified then surely Matt DeHart would not have been convicted in this Coalitions collective opinion.

It is often forgotten exactly how much pain Matt DeHart’s parents Leann and Paul DeHart go through everyday, the confusion, pain and betrayal they must feel after both of them had risk their life’s to fight for our country and this is how our government repays them by stealing their son from them and creating grotesque obscene false charges to further shame the family.

What the American government has done to Matt DeHart and his family is nothing less then state funded physiological warfare. Matt DeHart was never afforded his due process thus everyday he spends in prison is a violation of his human rights we must end this and support Matt DeHart and his family. I believe if we continue to fight for Matt then one day soon we will have a #FreeMattDeHart.

By Zinxnix @Dapeaple 


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