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WikiLeaks has issued an encrypted file for download as a kind of “torrent insurance” ahead of its public release of potentially damning documents. As previously discussed on Inquisitr, Guccifer 2.0’s hack of the DNC servers have already revealed possible collusion between the Hillary Clinton campaign, the mainstream media, and Democratic Party leadership.

While the DNC has neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of these preliminary releases, WikiLeaks’s torrent insurance prior to the actual document dump could indicate the presence of damaging evidence on Clinton, and possibly even the Obama administration.

Famed government whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted out a message regarding the data breach, noting its significance for more than just the documents themselves.

“Significance is more than docs. Hacktivists, possibly state-sponsored, now demonstrating intent — and capability — to influence elections.”

Read more: WikiLeaks Issues ‘Torrent Insurance’ Encrypted File With Dead-Man’s Switch

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