Hillary Clinton would make this statement pictured above shortly after the murder of Seth Rich later on; the family hired a man by the name of Brad Bauman to be the family spokesman and brought on the job to quite conspiracy theories about Seth Rich’s murder. In his first statement to the press he accused the public and others like WikiLeaks of trying to politicize this case, if so then we are just taking a cue from our “Democratically” elected presidential nominee Hillary Clinton who right after the murder of Seth Rich when giving her statement on Seth Rich did exactly that, she politicized this case by bringing gun violence into the discussion which cause the Second Amendment to trend on twitter. All of this is nothing but a distraction to take the Seth Rich murder and turn it into a debate rather than really truly discussing the facts surrounding the murder of Mr. Rich.

Clinton Crime Family Victims - 3

In 1993 Hillary Clinton was brought before Congress to answer questions regarding the murder of another man his name was Vince Foster (see the Foster Files for more info on this case) and similar riff-raff about conspiracy theories quickly swarmed back then but you see this is exactly what the Clinton Spin Machine wants they want as much casted doubt and suspicion as possible in this case because conspiracy theories discredit cases and make common folk view them from a different perspective  diluting the truth as it may be which then further poisons the story and anyone who talks about it. In 1993 not a single reporter would really truly do actual journalism and investigate the Vince Foster case because it was seen as toxic, the rabbit hole you don’t come out of. We see similar echo chambers formed today with the Seth Rich case if MSM does speak of it they will almost certainly poison the story by saying that it was most likely a robbery gone wrong when in fact nothing was taken from Seth Rich. They will say several shots were fired when if fact only two were fired. They will say there was a scuffle, a fight and yet no physical trace evidence was discovered when police arrived in seconds. They will say he was in a fight because his hands, knees and face were bruised but yet no evidence of Seth Rich’s murderer was found at the scene and crime photos show the scene of the murder relatively undisturbed. Why would the police immediately state that robbery was the motive for murder when no evidence of a robbery was ever shown in this case? Mr. Rich’s cellphone, wallet, watch and pocket cash were all left by his killer anyone with at least one portion of their brain working can surmise that robbery was not the motive yet every major media outlet who covered the Seth Rich murder concluded that police suspected that robbery was the motive. Even I have mentioned robbery as the motive enough times to convince at least half of you that there is a slight possibility that robbery is in fact the motive behind Seth Rich’s murder.




As Americans we are lead to believe that we live in a free and open democratic society if you didn’t already presume this not to be true then the DNC and DCCC hacks have assuredly asserted this fact to be evident. If and I say IF, Russia was behind these hacks then it is sad that it would take a foreign nation to wake the American people up. WikiLeaks, Guccifer and Guccifer 2.0 are not villains they are modern-day history makers, the DNC and the people who ran that regime decided that they would fiddle with our election breaking the proverbial heartstrings and dreams of 11 million people, but this blog is to talk about just one of those 11 million.

The following is part of his Eulogy:

seth rich notes

Seth Rich was born January 3rd, 1989 in Omaha Nebraska, he attended a local Jewish high school and also the Central High School. He went to college at Creighton University where he Majored in History and Political Science at the time of his death he was the Deputy Director of “Data-for-Voter Protection/Expansion” at the DNC. Mr. Rich programmed and developed an app that would allow voters to find polling stations in their area.


In June of this year he was walking home from his girlfriends house and at about 4:17 AM his girlfriend says she heard some commotion on Mr. Rich’s end and asked him if everything was okay to which he replied that all was well and not to worry he was close to home. At 4;19 AM just two minutes later a resident of Bloomingdale says he heard two quick gunshots and he looked at the clock and it said 4:19.

Initial reports such as this one: (forgive us for not citing the source we’d rather not advertise for MSM…sue us!sethrch3

And these ones:sethrich5

sethrich2The pictures above are either the police getting their facts horribly wrong or purposefully misinforming the press who then peddles the bullshit to us because Seth Rich didn’t die less than an hour after being shot he died an hour and a half later or 1 hour 37 minutes to be exact. There is a stark difference between “hearing” shots and being alerted by ShotSpotter which is a device that is normally mounted on a pole in a crime ridden or prone area and if a certain decimal mark is breached then local police units are to respond to where ShotSpotter is triggered. The police are said to arrive in minutes but it wasn’t police who heard the shot they were alerted by ShotSpotter. ShotSpotter is very important to this case why? Because it confirms that police did in fact arrive with in minutes of being alerted by ShotSpotter which also confirms that physical evidence should be undisturbed meaning all the evidence involved whether it is witnesses, ballistics or whatever it may be would be pristine for detectives investigating this case yet we have zero evidence surrounding  the murder of Seth Rich.


If Seth Rich’s killer(s) where from the Bloomingdale D.C. neighborhood then they would certainly be aware of Bloomingdale having ShotSpotter technology, a common robber isn’t going to have the mind-set that they need to clean up evidence and how could they? The police arrived in minutes. How if we presume his attacker(s) were on foot did they escape the scene if all available units were converging to the scene of the crime? Why would the police and media keep pounding robbery as the motive? Well its kind of like saying Russia hacked the DNC its the easiest scapegoat to pin it on. In my opinion if this was a robbery then the perpetrator(s) would have taken something that was clearly visible like his phone or watch.


It is my view that this was not a robbery gone wrong it was cold-blooded murder and Seth Rich was killed because he was going to blow the whistle on election fraud and Seth had all the proof to do it. He had the DNC’s most precious commodity its database on voters and a massive stockpile of data on voters such as their locations, what party they might be voting for and many others. Lets not forget about the application he created which apparently someone wants everyone to forget about because we have been avidly searching for any information on the App he created, how it worked and exactly what it did, in fact we invite you to try to look up the App Seth Rich developed, lets us know what you find.



First thing, if memory serves us correct there was in fact not a police shootout near the U.S Capitol that the MSM would have no choice but to cover. The FBI would never tell us if any meeting was scheduled to take place unless Congress itself is going to open an investigation which is highly unlikely if Clinton gets in office but isn’t it said that all propaganda as little ember of truth burning away in it. This idea of two men posing as FBI agents sounds more of a possibility. That Mr. Rich was kidnapped and tortured then killed and dropped his body next to his residence firing two quick shot into the air alerting ShotSpotter which is why no physical evidence was found on the scene or on Mr Rich these were professionals who left no evidence behind the common crook does not normally have the wits to make sure not one shred of physical evidence remains in my opinion there is no arguing that this was a professional hitman and Seth Rich had to die because of what he knew and or was going to expose.


What is sad is that this will always be just opinions no one will ever be able to prove who killed Seth Rich ever, this young man who fought effortlessly for the most sacred right we hold dear as Americans our right to vote and our right to fair and balanced elections. Donna Brazil the interim DNC chairwoman said remember his name we will Mrs. Brazil but we will also remember the greed, betrayal, corruption and murder the DNC now stands for. We can take it as a coincidence that Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton the day after Seth Rich’s murder Bernie was just being a good Democrat right?


This blog and any information thereof was gathered and submitted by the members of The WEDA Coalition a free speech coalition of truth seekers and political activist whose soul mission is to expose the institutions that take advantage of the less fortunate or a purposely misinformed American public and republics abroad in which their free speech is being

By @Dapeaple

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