Step One-
Decide on your hashtag for example #AaronsLaw, collect information and links to link in your Tweets. You have to limit your Tweets to 140 or 280 you can use Twitter to make sure your Tweets don’t have too many characters and make sure you put a double space in between each Tweet on your text. Also, the standard Wordpad we all know works the best in my opinion to edit a sheet.
Example: We call on all members of the Sub-Committee on Crime to reintroduce #AaronsLaw2017, @RepGoodlatte
Step Two-
Once you have your hashtag and the text for your Tweets all set to go Select All and Copy. Then go to Paste your text into the box then encode your text with the encoder tool. Copy your encoded Tweets into a new Wordpad Document or the same one your already using.
Step Three-
Paste this URL in front of each of your encoded Tweets
Congratulations you have made a Click-to-Tweet Tweet-Sheet but, it’s an ugly Tweet Sheet to make it a not so ugly Tweet-Sheet you will need to edit the links.
Step Four-
You can edit your links just as you would with any other document, highlight the whole Tweet then go copy your encoded Tweet and Paste it over your highlighted text. The link will then show only the text you want to Tweet not the code behind it.
A Tweet Sheet can be very effective in Tweet-Storms or for everyday information sharing. If you have a cause you are passionate about and would like to raise awareness for that cause then a Tweet-Sheet with a well coordinated Tweet-Storm can sometimes make global impressions.
Big thank you and much love to my friend Wicked World for showing me how to make a Tweet-Sheet a while back, now Tweet ya dang fingers off!!!
By Joziah
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