The coalition war on Yemen at its beginning is for helping the Yemenis, but the reality is for America’s interests:

By Mohammed Albokhety

Since the beginning of the war on Yemen, the countries of the coalition led by the United States claim that the war is to help the Yemenis and confront the Houthis who are a part of the Yemeni people. Under the pretext of helping the Yemenis, it targeted Yemen, all of Yemen, in a war of aggression in which the United States used all evil methods, including prohibited weapons, siege, killing, displacement, targeting, and destruction.

The US created racial, partisan, and regional conflicts. The coalition led by United States’ war affected the entire Yemeni people, and the Yemenis became divided among the parents who lost their children because the war destroyed their lives, and children were left, orphans. Farmers whose farms were destroyed by the coalition fighter jet’s airstrikes, or withered their trees because of the siege. There are families who lost their livelihoods, employees, who lost their salaries, businessmen, who lost their money, and owners of factories whose factories were targeted and destroyed.

Women suffer the loss of their children, and the blockade caused the airport to be closed without treating them and cause medicine ships to be detained without saving their lives. The fishermen whose boats were targeted, and children whose limbs were lost by coalition fighter jets’ airstrikes. The victims of airstrikes that caused a disability that will accompany them throughout their lives or the young people that had their schools closed when the war started.

All these facts and the damages that affected all Yemenis undermine the pretext of helping the Yemenis and revealing the real American goals behind the war on Yemen, which were embodied recently by the emergence of American forces in Hadhramaut and America’s desperate attempts to control the oil and gas fields in the Yemeni governorates that are still under the control of the coalition and the United States forces which appeared On January 10, 2023, at the island of Socotra is a clear indication to America’s intention to tighten its control over the most important Yemeni islands in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea to put its hand on and full its control on the Bab al-Mandab

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