“The Dubious Lover” By Aliyah Marie

"You playing gamesI don't wanna participateAll I've ever doneIs make you the oneThat's on my mindCan't even find the timeFor myselfI'm stuck in a bindThat's bad for my healthBut you don't care about all thatYou only care about yourselfTo you imma door matThat says welcomeAnd you just step on MeYou can go nowYou can leaveCuz … Continue reading “The Dubious Lover” By Aliyah Marie

“New Beginnings ” By Aliyah Marie

"It's time for new beginningsTime for me to start livingMy life the way I want toImma stop playing foolI'm too intelligent for youHaha just kiddingThe worst thing a smart person can doIs think that they're smartI'mma just do my partTake care of the famMake breadJust stop giving a damnAbout the events that leadUpTo my broken … Continue reading “New Beginnings ” By Aliyah Marie