Destroying RussiaGate False Narratives On Both Sides

Let's start at the source of this narrative, the famed "Dossier" which is an opposition research initiative launched by the George Bush Neocon Bill Kristol. Mr. Kristol owns a Republican media outlet called The Free Beacon and he was a "Never Trumper" that launched this opposition research project during the 2016 Republican Primaries. Mr. Kristol … Continue reading Destroying RussiaGate False Narratives On Both Sides

Our Orwellian State: Gov Contractors Chapter 2

This report will consist of publicly available information and information gathered with Freedom of Information Act request, it will be chronologically structured and is not intended to change your opinion of our country, but only seeks to remind you of the constitutional foundations in which this country was ordained. This is Orwellianism...welcome!    1960-2001   … Continue reading Our Orwellian State: Gov Contractors Chapter 2

The Reality Winner Files

Reality Winner is the United States Air Force Veteran who reached the level of Senior Airman with the Intelligence Squadron and was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for facilitating the capture of 650 enemy soldiers, 600 enemies killed and identifying 900 high-value targets. After two years of language and intelligence, training Reality was fluent … Continue reading The Reality Winner Files

#AaronsLaw Tweetstorm

  Aarons Law Tweetsheet   (1) Establish that breaches of terms of service, employment agreements, or contracts are not automatic violations of the CFAA. (2) Bring balance back to the CFAA by eliminating a redundant provision that enables an individual to be punished multiple times through duplicate charges for the same violation. (3) Eliminate the … Continue reading #AaronsLaw Tweetstorm