Today’s post won’t be long perhaps, just a heartbreaking rant and rave. The heartlessness and selfishness of humans is appalling. Whilst searching came across this post on Facebook,  shared by an account from Turkey , showing clicks of two boys having a brawl in the middle of the busy street . The account wrote that those Afghan lads are fighting over bread….

This reminded me a scene from a movie “Noah” , in which they tried to depict the unjust and brutal situation of those times , where people fighting over food in the streets. Seeing these pictures and reading the caption felt like a jolt ,especially when you are well aware of the hidden connotations,  the rising hatred , xenophobia and biasness that’s penetrating like a disease in our societies.

A normal society with a heart , would rather choose to stop that scuffle , but since we are living in an age where becoming a social media sensation or news of the day for the paper is of more importance, we simply click pictures and moan about foreigners fighting over a piece of bread. Instead of asking the boys, if they are hungry ? if they need help ? if they need work to put food on their tables .We choose indifference and complaining.

If we pause for a moment and think,  what are we becoming as a society? What are our values? How we see other humans ? Probably such vital questions are not even on our list of  worth noticing and considering list. We don’t ask fellow humans if they seek our help for the sake of humanity , firstly we choose to ignore,  and if we do try to help , it is for the sake of few clicks. A sad state of the world , where millions are starving,  battling to fill their bellies,  provide for their families.

And it doesn’t just end there  , but the mental health issues one goes through can drag someone to the worst , where they see life as a burden and opt for horrible decessions . Alas ….

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