The first victim of war is always women and children , you can  see that proven in the history, in every century and era, infact if the women and children are not safe in any society that’s the beginning of the crisis.In the present times It’s the men in suits who plan and carry out these wars , and its the women and children and yes some plain and simple men aswell who become the victim of this tug of war for power and control… Yemen,  Syria and Afghanistan is the clear example.

According to several news sources till the year 2021,  unanimously sharing a number of  children killed in Yemen war 10,000 have been killed,  Quoting UNICEF Report here ” Shameful milestone’ in Yemen as 10,000 children killed or maimed since fighting began Geneva Palais briefing note on the situation of children in Yemen (19 October 2021)”
Some statistics here

400,000 children suffer from severe acute malnutrition;

4 out of every 5 children need humanitarian assistance. That’s more than 11 million children

More than two million children are out-of-school. Another four million are at risk of dropping out;

Two-thirds of teachers – more than 170,000 – have not received a regular salary for more than four years;

1.7 million children are now internally displaced because of the violence. As violence intensifies, particularly around Marib, more families are fleeing their homes;

A staggering 15 million people (more than half of whom are children – 8.5 million) do not have access to safe water, sanitation, or hygiene.

Whilst in Syria according to a UNICEF  source “Average of one child injured or killed every eight hours over past 10 years “

This is the world we are leaving for our children, who are not buried by the bombs yet ?
And now lets have a look at worlds hypocrisy , since the news about conflict between Russia and Ukraine , the hot topic for USA and Europe started to be on the news, from corporate media to social media ,its cries for  Ukraine  and suddenly everyone cares about Children in Ukraine , them becoming orphans and refugees…whilst if we look back , the rage bubbles up  , since the war on Yemen started,  it was the social media activists , grilling themselves,  putting hours of efforts to get  atleast one mention about the  affliction and  catastrophe in Yemen ,  and  yes Ofcourse Syria aswell  ,although Syria had some edge , the blame game and painting Russia and Iran as devil was giving business to the media , as US media thrives on that part , so Syria got some mention in the news , but even that privilege was ceased on days when it was American bombs responsible for killing civilians,  and it’s a fact , Americans have killed more civilians in Yemen and Syria than anyone else.

So , when you scroll on social media and mainstream media,  from toilet rag newspaper DailyMail to Business Insider to CNBC , with news titles like
“Ukrainian children are under fire since the war looms ” or ” Mothers and  children wave goodbye to loved ones they’re forced to leave behind,  as they flee Ukraine ”  , or reading
social media screaming about Russia  and  how Ukrainian children are in great danger ….Ukraine and Ukrainian children should be in the news absolutely , every child on earth,  every women and  man is equally important  , Russia or anyone should be condemned if they kill an innocent, but the point is,  the double standards of western politicians and media makes the Yemenis and Syrians cry , they struggled to  get tiniest mention and attention of the media and masses , furthermore all those news about sanctions on Russia makes this whole thing even more shady,  when since  2014 , despite the heinous crimes,  the world is still waiting for  sanctions on US and  UK , Saudis and UAE , and all those countries who sold weapons to Saudis and Emeraties in  war on Yemen , armed and trained them ….

Truth be told , the whole world knows how much these politicians and weapon industries care about human life , from Yemen to Ukraine it’s all about making wealth over the dead bodies of innocents,  they can pretend they suddenly care about Ukraine,  just because portraying Russia as nefarious enemy  will fool the sheeps and they’ll vote to keep these militarists in power . Avoiding propaganda is important,  although its impossible .  prayers for the children and every innocent living being in the warzone .This endless suffering is leaving Societies with traumas and defects , especially children

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