Our Orwellian State: Gov Contractors Chapter 2

This report will consist of publicly available information and information gathered with Freedom of Information Act request, it will be chronologically structured and is not intended to change your opinion of our country, but only seeks to remind you of the constitutional foundations in which this country was ordained. This is Orwellianism…welcome!    1960-2001     ECHELON was created in the 1960’s to help monitor … Continue reading Our Orwellian State: Gov Contractors Chapter 2

The Reality Winner Files

Reality Winner is the United States Air Force Veteran who reached the level of Senior Airman with the Intelligence Squadron and was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for facilitating the capture of 650 enemy soldiers, 600 enemies killed and identifying 900 high-value targets. After two years of language and intelligence, training Reality was fluent in Pashto, Dari, and Persian and was stationed at Fort … Continue reading The Reality Winner Files

The Friendship Pipeline

The Friendship Pipeline is what it was dubbed by Iran, Iraq, and Syria as a way to bridge cultural divides which have far too often lead to wars and also to bring an economic boost to their respective countries. The United States has been steadfastly opposed to the Friendship Pipeline simply because it will benefit Iran and Russia. Those familiar with global politics would have … Continue reading The Friendship Pipeline

The Matt DeHart Files Part 2

  In the morning of August 6th, 2010, Matt DeHart applied for a Student Visa in Canada he was told he will have to cross back over the border into the United States and then back into to Canada which is customary under Canadian law. Upon crossing back into Canada Matt DeHart was detained by two FBI agents from Maine who did not read Matt … Continue reading The Matt DeHart Files Part 2

DIA Planning “Hackback” Approach

Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart of the Defense Intelligence Agency laid out his plan for the United States Government to hack back attackers that hack the government. The DIA’s plan is to capture the code or malware being used to attack them and reengineer it to then be used to attacker the hacker back. There are many questions to be asked, but I will start with … Continue reading DIA Planning “Hackback” Approach

The Future of Search Engines

Researchers combine artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing and supercomputers to develop better, and more reasoned, information extraction and classification methods. Date: August 3, 2017 Source: University of Texas at Austin, Texas Advanced Computing Center Summary: New efforts to combine artificial intelligence with crowdsourced annotators and information encoded in domain-specific resources have now been revealed by researchers. The work has the potential to improve general search engines, as well as ones … Continue reading The Future of Search Engines

Los Archivos de Matt DeHart

En setiembre del 2009 Matt DeHart estaba operando un servidor ‘dead drop’ llamado “The Shell”, es en éste servidor ‘dead drop’ que recibió una carpeta conteniendo cientos de archivos confidenciales que involucraban una investigación que el FBI condujo contra la CIA en la cual supuestamente la CIA estaba detrás de los ataques de anthrax que prosiguieron al 11 de setiembre de 2001. En diferentes períodos … Continue reading Los Archivos de Matt DeHart