“You playing games
I don’t wanna participate
All I’ve ever done
Is make you the one
That’s on my mind
Can’t even find the time
For myself
I’m stuck in a bind
That’s bad for my health
But you don’t care about all that
You only care about yourself
To you imma door mat
That says welcome
And you just step on Me
You can go now
You can leave
Cuz I don’t want you
Or anyone else
Why would I
If I got myself
So go ahead put me on the backburner
Try to hurt me more
I’m solid as a rock
No I will never stop
Chasing my dreams
Cuz I know that means
I’ll get there one day
Not now but thats okay
I’m patient
Plus I got god on my side
With him I’ll continue to ride
This wave so smooth
I may have a tooth
Ache or two
But when I get my bread
Imma buy a crown for my small ass head
Then I will fix my teeth
After that you won’t hear a peep
From me
About my flaws
No you don’t want these paws
I’m too crazy to even recall
The last time I balled
Out at the mall
Shits too expensive anyway
But imma buy that whole place
One day
I will have enough money
To buy everyone in the family
A big ass house
I love hard
But I ride harder
Cuz its loyalty over love
You gotta live in your truth
Cuz in the end
When its all over
You’ll die knowing
Everything was real
Real love is all I’m asking for
Never wanted it more
Than I do right now
I think about
All the fallen angels I’ve encountered
There’s one I miss more than the rest
She was my peace
My serenity
Now I’m just broken and sad
Cuz with you I had it all in the bag
And now I lack
Something ill never have
When the love is true
Its okay to lose
Yourself for a bit
Cuz there’s no measurement
For the love you can give or get”

Aliyah Marie with her expressive & exploring spirit ,is trying to give her soul a voice through music ,she writes music when she’s in a mood, her own amazing way of processing her feelings. An inspiration indeed

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