Do you know what is Antisemitism and Anti journalism?

When a semetic Palestinian, born in Jerusalem, reporting for her land,wearing a jacket clearing stating that she is a media personal,trying to share the crimes against her people,reporting their misery living under the oppression,is shot to death by illegal occupation’s armed to teeth militias… that’s called antisemitism and anti journalism.

Sheerin Abu Akleh, a voice for Palestine, studied Journalism in Jordan.Although she moved to USA later, but her heart was always with her people ,she said in an interview “I chose journalism to be close to the people,It might not be easy to change the reality, but at least I was able to bring their voice to the world“. British MP Zahra Sultana wrote on Twitter ,”Shireen Abu Akleh was reporting on an Israeli army raid on Jenin refugee camp in the illegally-occupied West Bank when she was shot in the head & killed by Israeli snipers,She was wearing a helmet & body armour clearly marked “PRESS”,Let’s call this what it is: A war crime”.

Although one must disagree with the later part ,Its not even “a war”.To begin with, wars are fought between two armies,atleast with equal or unequal strength, while in Palestine its unarmed people of the land against armed foreign terrorists.Its a genocide of the semetic owners of the land , an on going Holocaust , A Palestinian Holocaust,  we must use the correct words, as history is recording it very carefully. Stanley Cohen , an attorney and an activist, so rightly wrote “There are never “clashes” between the occupier and the occupied. Just illegal violence and necessary resistance”.

Now let’s talk about the barbarism of illegal occupiers,not only they murdered a Palestinian journalist but the satanic forces controlling their minds made them attack the funeral aswell.Diana Buttu wrote, “The videos coming out from the funeral procession of #ShireenAbuAkleh are horrifying. Israeli forces carrying stun grenades and beating up mourners. Even in death we are under Israel’s boot as they try to control our mourning. #FreePalestine “.

Israeli militants were beating mourners carrying the casket of Shireen Abu Akleh.They forced the Palestinians to place the casket in an unaccompanied car, this clearly shows how much they’re intimidated by the attraction that funeral was getting.The world learning about their crimes and condemning their terrorism on the land of natives ,its astounding to see.Even in her death, Shireen has exposed the actions of occupation forces ,and Zionists are quacking in their European boots, holding American and European armaments.

One thought on “After Assassinating A Semetic Palestinian Journalist … Zionists Are Quacking In Their Boots

  1. t would be so cool if you could spell semitic and quaking

    Never mind

    Here are a few facts for you:

    She was clearly killed by Fatah terrorists who were firing wildly

    Cohen is a joke

    There is no Palestinian Holocaust: their population has grown by 2500% since 1949.

    The police moved in because Arab hooligans started throwing stones at them

    Stop being a Dick


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