The west really cares about the freedom of Afghan women’s hairs , so they can feel the breeze and let the western hypocrites claim that they’ve ensured democracy in the east.The land of Afghanistan never witnessed a moment of peace and freedom since the Americans and Europeans decided to send the presents of drones and tanks with labels of freedom, carpet bombing them with impunity, manipulating the simple folks of Afghanistan.

What’s the difference between European islamophobic leaders imposing and pushing for Hijab and Burka ban on Muslim women, inciting hatred and attacks on the women who choose to cover themselves and any Eastern culture, society or those western trained and funded ,fanatics like Taliban or ISIS, hiding behind religion forcing women to cover from head to toe ? Its not a religious battle at all , but certainly a misogynistic war waged on women.

As Khaled Beydoun tweeted  ” How France 🇫🇷 polices Muslim women’s bodies:
2004 – Hijab Ban enacted
2011 – Niqab (face covering) Ban enacted
2019 – Mothers w/ 🧕 can’t attend school trips
2022 – Hijab banned in Sports
The architecture of Islamophobia in France is built on the bodies of Muslim women.” Aren’t these the same restrictions Taliban are introducing? Making it impossible for Afghan women to survive, study , access facilities if they’re not wearing what a group of men decides for them ?

Recently the Afghan Taliban imposed the burqa on the Afghan women , according to The Newyork Times, “Taliban Impose Head-to-Toe Coverings for Women” , and  continued with “The full-body burqa, long emblematic of patriarchal control of women’s public attire in Afghanistan, was described by the ministry as “the good and complete hijab” — a garment with various versions that cover a woman’s hair and much or all of her face and body”.

Ofcourse its enraging , its infact, nerve wracking that a bunch of men think that they have the right to decide how a human being can choose to dress up ,their lives and movements , their freedom to breath is decided by the opposite gender . What if women of Afghanistan take up arms and unanimously decides that men are going to wear sacks from head to toe, would that be acceptable for those men?

Having said that, it’s time to shed some light on the facts , the west wants us to forget their two decades of war crimes in Afghanistan. Where they have killed innocent children and women of Afghanistan. Not only killed hundreds and thousands of them but starving them now with restrictions. Where the lack of system and employment,  children and women are suffering to put bread in their bellies.

Not only the west has left them in the middle of crisis deserted them , but stole 7 billion dollars of their money  , that they entrusted into American banks. And gave half of this money to the victims of 9/11 . Another crime ! When it’s a proven fact that no Afghans had anything remotely to do with 9/11. And they want to distract us with the petty issues of women’s clothing in Afghanistan? The Americans ran from Afghanistan after destroying the country and leaving it in a perilous state.

It was the war on Afghan resources ,for iron, uranium, beryl, barite, lead, zinc, fluorspar, bauxite, lithium, tantalum, emeralds, gold, silver and Ofcourse opium , that fueled the war for two decades.

Interestingly Rachel Clark’s tweet  “Today a room full of men decided to force all women in Afghanistan to cover every part of their body, including face, with burqas in public. And that they should not leave home at *all* without a legitimate reason for doing so.
Viciously misogynistic, heartbreaking news.”

Reminds one of a similar misogynistic war when a room full of Trump and his Male army decided the abortion ban on women , making decessions about the uterus of women .One mustn’t wage war against the men , as it would be absolute foolishness, but why western women and so called feminists seal their lips about the women’s rights to cover in the west?But swiftly jump on the bandwagon shed crocodile tears for the women in east.

Consistency is the base of honesty , the west needs to be consistent with their ideas.They must cry about oppression in the east , when they’ll set an example of their own back at home. Moreover, its time to worry about the basic needs of Afghan women and children, this same uproar about clothing should be about their starvation and sanctions that are imposed on the people,  as the sanctions only effects the masses , like its happening in Yemen ,where millions are starved to death.

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