Is it too hard to be with one , too hard to stay with one mentally or physically? Have relationships always been like this , from centuries or it is this fast technology, the vastness of opportunities of communication and connections that humans are losing their ability of monagomy? or be in a monogamous relationship? Do we always need adventure and thrill of diversity?why’s this word ” bored” so frequently used by couples?

Whereas the relationship experts and content writers and creators sharing ideas to spice up relationships,  or this monotony has consequences for their  relationships.Couples are struggling to keep up with the pressure, to keep the attention focused on each other, fearing the secret rival , lurking in the phones, or in the social circle of ones partner.It’s like we are in a desperate state, constantly trying hard to get the attention of our partners, to keep the relationship alive ,or they might drift away ,beautiful the distractions are plenty.

We might be talking to one, spending time another, secretly have a crush on another one, in our fantasies we are with different character everyday, and then finally the one we are engaged our married to , or even giving Hope’s too. Everyone inside this circle is a victim, including the one who is so scattered all over the place.

Seems like we are no more thinking with our hearts and souls ,but our carnel urges.Perhaps we are unable to stay focused and discover the one but we have developed this polygamous attitude among our generations.Where if not in reality but in our minds and many other ways we are cheating on our partners. Secret social media crush , a texting partner.Perhaps someone at work or school getting our attention, making us feel good, when we are still in a relationship.

The struggle of lovers in the old times was to be with they one they love,  they could see nothing more , want nothing more .The greatest enemy of their love was the society,  their families, that is how the tales of great love were created and still alive .Whilst in this present time ,in certain societies and cultures , we are free to set eyes on someone,  anyone,  the society and families are far less intervening in our choices,  and yet we have another battle , the fight against our own drifting minds and desires, which is infact more dangerous than the later .

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