The Kardashian sisters are well known for their attention seeking antics on every occasion or chance they can get. Amongst the kinfolk Kourtney certainly succeeded to be on the top of the list of weirdest amongst the family at Met Gala ,both kourtney and Travis Barker Twin in Thom Browne Skirts.

Where Baker is wearing a kilt like wearing a kilt like skirt, whilst Kourtney’s dress needs a moment to understand the confusing costume. Comically her glad rags seems like a jacket worn wrong , a wardrobe malfunction .Perhaps the duo is trying to stand out by being outlandish and ghostly ,as we’ve seen them at the Oscar’s trying to be in Addams Family characters, or sport their elongated silhouettes at the Grammy Awards. Probably they’re trying to unleash their inner Lady Gaga , who is well known for such antics.

Kardashian’s stylist Dani Michelle shared with Vogue ,“Kourtney’s look is the deconstructed version of Travis’s, taking his skirt and blazer and reinterpreting them as her train”. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian was seen trying hard to mimic Marylin Monroe and be in the character with the Kardashians gusto.Whilst other female celebrities landed in outfits , that are seen fit for class and trend one can follow.For instance Sarah Jessica Parker ,the Hadid sisters , or Blake Lively ,Hailey Bieber are some of the names.

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