If Mary and Jesus , in islam , Maryam and Esa ( peace be on them) were living in this century in Palestine,  they would have to pass through several check points, restrictions, insults and persecution by the European settlers occupying the land of Prophets, using an Abrahamic faith as a shield to justify their crimes .At first the Europeans normalized creating the image of an Abrahamic Prophet, and above all they turned a semetic man according  to their European perception, which is racist to the core, so Jesus is now white skinned,  blue eyed,  blonde haired man.Irony is most Europeans and Americans alike , do not know that he was an Eastner , he spoke semetic language.Jesus was a Palestinian who spoke Aramaic, a language in the same family as Hebrew and Arabic. He came from the same prophetic tradition as Prophets Moses and Mohammad.He was most probably brown with dark hairs and coffee coloured eyes.

Today his followers are marginalised and tyrannized, because they are natives and speaks a semetic language ,on the occasion of Holy Fire at the church of Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem this year, In 2022 when the Christians gathered to celebrate the occasion,  Zionist militias seperated the Arab Christians from foreign Christians ,proving once again that they’re anti Abrahamic faith.As during the month of Ramadan this year ,continuing their criminal tradition they’re harassing the muslims , disrespecting and tarnishing Al Aqsa mosque, a sacred place of worship .When Freedom of worship in the Holy Land for all faiths  must be respected, they’re making sure that none can pray in peace , they’re truly the disciples of satan.

Lying and deception is part of Zionists crime book , on social media they’re using images of European Christians gathered inside Holy Sepulchre, to hide their thuggery and racism, and trying hard to pull wool over others eyes ,but the world is waking up to their crimes .

6 thoughts on “Nothing Is Holy For European Occupiers

  1. As Israeli Jewish citizens, it really wouldn’t be an issue for Jesus or Mary.

    Obviously worth mentioning that they never met any Christians or Palestinians, as neither had been invented at that point in time.

    You’re the only liar on this page, Hamasshole.


      1. The Romans invented the administrative province of Palestine in 135 AD – 100+ years’ after they murdered Jesus.

        The only people living in that land were the Israelite Jews.

        There was no Palestinian people.

        What is clear is that I know what I’m talking about: something you can never be accused of.


      2. so you’re saying that in 135 ad there was a large population of white people just in this one place in Palestine when every other person around them is not white, but magically these Israelites in Palestine were white? You need a better source for your information than the Roman CATHOLICs! da fuq, yet again kick rocks!


      3. The Jews weren’t white. Not one.

        You’re an idiot.

        Even now, most Israelis aren’t white, although many “Palestinians” have white skin & blue eyes.

        Have you ever been to the Middle East?


  2. Th e European Occupiers commit ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians and use water from their homes to irrigate farms and Israel claims to be the most successful nation in the world in desert farming.
    Nazis say Jews are inferior because they were originally Brown Skinned and intermarried with White Gentiles and that’s why Aschkenazi Jews are White. Sephardic Jews may not be persecuted like Israeli Arabs and Palestinians, many Aschkenazi Jews are hostile to them for being Brown. Ethiopian Jews & other Black Jews have fewer rights than Aschkenazi Jews even if they have more rights than Palestinians or Israeli Arabs. Many Aschkenazi Jews are hostile to them as well


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