Those who find fasting during the month of Ramadan difficult, must have a look at the war torn Yemen ,where they’re starved to death from almost past 7 years, with 17.4 million people now in dire need of food assistance and a growing portion of the population coping with emergency levels of hunger, as UN agencies have warned.

For those living in peace ,with the luxury of waking up at dawn for “suhoor” the breakfast ,and have their dinning tables piled with heaps of food to fill our bellies in the evening, must be grateful to the creator that we are not tested with the tribulation of starvation.Its only 1 month , and it finishes in a blink of an eye . A Yemeni journalist wrote on Twitter, “In this #Ramadan, Yemeni children are struggling to survive.Thousands have starved to death in #Yemen with over 2.2 million malnourished as the crisis worsens!This war has resulted the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. ” , Infact on the beginning of first day of Ramadan , many Yemenis wrote on their social media accounts that they’ve been fasting since the war started, pointing out to the seige , starvation and skyrocketing prices .

As tribulations is the promise of the creator of heavens and earth, to show and prove us if we are truly believers, as he says in the Quran,  in Chapter 2 of Surah Al-Baqarah And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient).”  Unfortunately and heartbreakingly  the people of beautiful land of Yemen are tested with a brutal war by the Saudi regime ,backed by Western countries and the seige has caused drastic situation of hunger , although the steadfastness and faith of Yemenis is indeed exemplary.

One of the purpose of this blessed month is to teach us about patience and Compassion,  empathy and  understanding of others who are going through difficulties. Remember the starvation of people of  Yemen ,when you find fasting during the month of Ramadan hard .

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