Words of Clare Daly has shook the European hypocritical world regarding Russia and Ukraine crisis, An Irish Politician, who has been a member of European Parliament , when she roared on Feb ,7, 2022 , at the European Parliament pleanery
“There’s no doubt about it, We’re living in times of catastrophic crisis where the lives of innocent civilians are sacrificed in the wars of their masters,Yes in Ukraine,  but not only.Since the last plenary tens of thousands of Afghani citizens have been forced to flee in search of food and safety, 5 million children face famine, an agonising and painful death , a 500% increase in child marriages and children being sold just so they can survive .And not a mention of it. Not here, not anywhere.No wall-to-wall TV coverage , no emergency humanitarian response, no special plenaries, not even a mention in this plenary .
No Afghani delegations and no statements. My God, they must’ve been wondering,what makes their humanitarian crisis so unimportant. Is it the colour of their skin ? Is it that they are not white ? They’re not European? That their problems come from a US gun or US invasion? Is it that the decession to rob their country’s wealth was taken by a despotic US president, rather than a Russian one? Because my God , all wars are evil , and all victims deserve support. And until we get on that page , we have no credibility whatsoever.”

Russia and Ukraine crisis has exposed the hypocrisy and double standards of USA,  UK and rest of the Europe like none other in the history yet , from the media with its racist narratives,  screaming for attention towards the Ukraine issue , making it sound like that is the first crisis world have ever witnessed,  when the East has been pushed to stone age from past more than two decades and it always needs to wake up the media industries for a little mention and attention, following  the patterns of indifference,  ignorance and ignorance the Western companies,  coporate giants are parallel with the media in this allegiance to hypocrisy , but to coerce Russia into absolute catipulation ,the political and economic giants have joined forces. NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg quickly ran and held a press conference,stating Russia and Belarus accountable in Ukraine,  he added ” Russia as the aggressor and Belarus as the enabler ” , and threatened “Russia will pay a price for years to come ” .

MeanWhile ,a recent report about 107 Businesses pulling out of Russia is aired ,which is infact a call for the beginning of a economic war on Russia by the west, According to the a Kiplinger , quote “Ukraine and Russia are both global leaders in production of food commodities, including wheat and sunflower oil. Russia is also the world’s No. 3 oil producer, behind only the United States and Saudi Arabia. And Russia dominates the European energy market, as its largest supplier of natural gas, which is used for home heating and power generation.” 

To begin with, It is an apparent strategy the governments are using the power of Private sector corporations,  companies like Apple, Shell, Airbnb,Amazon , IKEA,  Mastercard are few among the 107 , trying to force the regional power Russia into submission,  many of these names are worth noticing for their double standards when it comes to Boycott Divestment Sanctions, BDS, A Palestinian-led movement for freedom, justice and equality.BDS upholds the simple principle that Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the rest of humanity .The rights denied by the illegal Zionist state of Israel to the Palestinians on their own land .Therefore when the activists and human rights groups have explicitly called many of these corporates and companies out , asked them to join BDS, but they’ve repeatedly ignored those calls and protests .

On the other land for instance let’s begin with Exxon one of a corporation among 107 on the list ,ExxonMobil has supplied the Israeli military with EN590 diesel fuel for use in its jeeps, heavy trucks, and other equipment. fighter jets used by the Israeli air force against Palestinian civilian ,Or Toyota ,Toyota Motors , The Toyota Hilux model is being used by the Israeli army as the base for the David Vehicles that serve the Israeli army and Israeli Ministry of defense .Providing any service to the Israeli army is synonymous to murder , stealing and Injustice. Another noticeable name is Boeing , The Boeing Company is second biggest arms supplier worldwide. Israel has used F-15A fighter jets and Apache AH 64 helicopters provided by Boeing in attacks on Gaza. Airbnb ,has been asked by activists to  join the BDS , and they’ve ignored to respond to that call ,furthermore on the list is Walt Disney, Netflix, Visa and Mastercard ,Aston Martin,  Nike ,Ford Motors,American Express ,Ericsson ,Accenture,PayPal holdings.

The appalling hypocrisy of NATO , ICC , media and the European leaders is nerve wrecking,  considering the fact that none of them has ever reacted so quickly for Palestinians who get bombed by an illegal state of Zionists on their own land , or when USA,UK and many other European countries joined to destroy Afghanistan,  Iraq , Libya , infact still dropping bombs on Yemenis,  there’s no accountability, no sanctions,no call for justice, they’re continuing interventions and interferences in other countries,  America and  Britain are flying millions of miles to drop ammunitions on civilians,  targeting schools and hospitals,  without impunity  , on the other hand Russia is fighting on its boarder , fighting a battle where half of the population is Russian and Pro Russian,  one can disagree but its as clear as day , Russia is not toppling foreign governments,  intervening in their personal political decessions,  unlike USA and UK who have a criminal record full of filthy war crimes, or unlike illegal state of Isarel ,backed by USA and Europe,not only occupying semetic Palestine illegally , starving them under seige in Gaza and bombing them whenever they intent to without any retribution. Why these double standards are not called out ? Why there’s no call for justice for Iraqis , Yemenis,  Syrians,  Afghans , Libyans,  Somalis , Pakistanis? The cries for Ukraine sound more exasperating to the ears of all those in war zones,  still miserable and no justice in sight.

One thought on “Its Europe Vs Russia… A Crisis Unmasking The Hypocrite West

  1. A little constructive criticism:
    This article, although welcome, needs some improvement. There are many errors making it difficult to read in places. If you want to get MSM to listen, you need to get this article re-written in a more clear and concise manner with more factual references. Thankyou x


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