Life is always developing,  growing and evolving,  from human bodies to their internal growth it’s a journey,  where almost nothing is static , when we are little we might have held a certain toy tigher to ourselves,  after few years we completely ignore it like it was worthless , or during our teens the activities and adventures we try despite all the  opposition & disapproval for that certain thing ,but we still eagerly try it ,because at that time it seems the most exciting thing to us, though after few years when we look back it seems utterly foolish , a lover, for whom we might be willing to die for cried rivers and buckets of tears, missed many heart beats in our twenties, turns into out most awaful crush of the past when we are more mature and get some perspective on life,  we laugh at those times of childishness.

It’s not just an individual going through this process of change but everyone around that individual has their opinions developing aswell,  some might see you as a skinny , freckled , dork in your childhood,  shy and unconfident , but laters in the years they’re stunned by the blossoming personality and aura you’ve developed into.
Same goes for those hunks ,who might have charmed every lass around them at one time,  using their looks and words ,but after few years when their old mates get together, they might be seeing a completely different person .
What seems shiny and glossy at 25 turns into dim and dull at 50 … its like someday we’ll meet again, sit under the sun,  smile at the memories but you and I , we’ll never be the same again.

These words of Virginia Woolf are infact interesting “I am made and remade continually. Different people draw different words from me”
Like it or not ,We all go through this process , what you’re today, inside and out  ,alot of it will be tested by the elements ,these winds , fires , storms and earthly rises and falls ,they takes and gives alot to the humans. Its empowering,  because it gives you the power to change the narrative anytime you want to,  you can change the way others look at you by changing the way you look at your ownself. The canvas of life is huge  , you have options to redraw and recreate.
That’s quite liberating if you think about it,  open ways for many , that you still can make it better , grow up into someone that others get inspired by this remaking….

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