This is absolutely flabbergasting and displeasing, when the new series you begin to watch and actually get interested in the story, and then you feel that you must search the cast in the show only to find out,that the leading cast is a Zionist ,a supporter of the illegal state of Israel, which is the case with most in the media business these days,  and when you, yourself have been a staunch activist and supporter of semetic land of Palestine finds it far away from your moral values,These new series “Inventing Anna” based on  the true story of “Anna Delvy” also known as “Anna Sorokin” a Russian-German Fraudster , that’s a little detail about the show now come back to the TV show Inventing Anna,Where the leading cast is actress Julia Garner ,about her a quick internet search shows ,Garner is not just a Zionist, but takes pride in being an “Israeli” , she has describes herself as “half-Israeli” , has visited that illegal occupation of Palestine named Israel several times, hope she knows that the Semetic Palestinians living in Diaspora do not have the same privilege, but Garner from USA can .Her mom, Tami Gingold,  also calls herself Israeli and was a successful comedian , on the Israeli Saturday Night Live,  entertaining fellow illegal occupiers , amusing them , and while her father, Thomas Garner, is from Shaker Heights, Ohio,  he’s a painter and art teacher.

Today if you begin to watch anything on the television, any drama, news or take a liking to any public figure , a quick internet search is necessary, to make sure that these people are not supporting the illegal state of Israel or in short they are not Zionist or supporting Zionists, unfortunately most of the times these searches are fraught with the inhumane side of these so-called Stars, this new series Inventing Anna ,is slightly interesting and different with the story of a journalist struggling ,and trying to get a story, with the character of Anna ,filled with mystery and intrigue, indeed one cannot deny the acting skills of Julia Garne, but at the same time cannot ignore the fact ,that in reality she lacks compassion and moral values ,as anyone who supports the illegal Zionist state of Israel is surely not familiar with human rights, Justice and respect for the Semitic people of Palestine .Garner taking pride and calling herself half Israeli means ,that she denies the right of the Palestinian’s existence, she justifies,accepts and promotes the illegal occupation of Palestine by her people and she is one of those Americans who consider themselves eligible to go and occupy the land of Palestine .She must be absolutely well aware of the crimes her people are committing in Palestine , and it is evident that she’s has no  problem with that ,otherwise she wouldn’t be calling herself half  Israeli .

God knows, how people like Garner go to bed with their conscience intact ,and sleep at night.when the people of Palestine are thrown out of their homes murdered and butchered , put through the psychological and physical torture ,one cannot unsee this Injustice. Hope Garner realize that and mend her ways and stop calling herself and Israeli

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