As we know Hollywood has a way of glamourising war mongers , terrorists and criminals,  they make millions through spinning stories, suspense and catchy lines , Hollywood has the exceptional ability to make real life crooks portrayed as heroes. One example is this movie the American Sniper , in that movie,  a murderer Chris Kyle ,who killed the Iraqi’s , in an illegal war, on Iraqi soil,  with the pretty face of Bradley Cooper is portrayed as some handsome,  skilled sniper,  fighting for USA in a dangerous country.

Let’s wait when they’ll turn Erik Prince as some cloak and dagger operation character , Prince is a founder of the private military firm Blackwater , who is notorious for carrying out illegal activities,Erik has loads of mysterious underhanded dealing In USA and around the globe, that it’s hard to believe that nations aren’t fighting to get hold of him and how he pass through the security systems without getting caught. Some sherlock Holmes he is …

Recently another Scandal surrounding the founder of Blackwater surfaced , of course everything he’s tied to turns out to be scandalous, The Newyork times reported that based on deposition testimony, Prince was involved in private spying operation headed by an actual former British spy, named Richard Sheddon , who which Prince was working with the dodgy far-right group project “Veritas” .The goal of this other spying agency was to infiltrate Donald Trump’s opponents both Democrats and Republicans who seemed disloyal to Trump and to gather information on them, quote “trying to manipulate the American political landscape “,this time Eric is not committing political Espionage in other countries but in America, spying on the American people.

Though the journalists are wondering ,how hard is it to report on someone like Erik Prince ? who has his hand in every conflict ,  in 2021 the United Nations said that Eric voilated  the arms embargo in Libya , Reported by The New York Times .He got involved in the covid vaccine business during the pandemic, the Black Water founder was having secret negotiations with Venezuelan officials in 2019 ,another company of his was building training centres in Xinjiang ,China  . He was trying to create a private army in Ukraine  , moreover he also wanted to privatise the war in Afghanistan at one point , and in 2021 he was charging $6500 per seat on evacuation flights out of Kabul,  Afghanistan. His shady war crimes and involvement in Yemen is another of his dark unscrupulous business,  New York Times reported, they hired foreign mercenaries, from a program launched by Blackwater’s head Erik Prince, and secretly sent them to the fight  in Yemen , it was the Colombian mercenaries trained by Blackwater sent to fight on foreign soil by Eric’s Blackwater.

In 2010, during an interview with Vanity Fair ,he said with a straight face ” I’m going to teach high school ,History and economics. I may even coach wrestling. Hey, Indiana Jones taught school, too”…..God knows who he was making fun of,  himself or the American people or the whole world he has his dirty business into.
This man is everywhere and yet manages to stay out of the spotlight and away from the media and if you examine prince sort of manages to turn up in every part of the world. And Hollywood thrives on such characters .

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