ShapeShift’s Memorial Day Miracle

How ShapeShift’s team saved a family’s Memorial Day road trip

A young crypto trader by the name of Zaybian just convinced his parents two weeks prior to allow him to put some of his savings into cryptocurrencies, Zaybian was doing well and turned a 100 dollar investment into 173 dollars in those two weeks not bad for a 14-year-old. But on this fateful day, Zaybian would make the biggest mistake of his young crypto life, he traded to a coin called Shadow Cash 62 USD worth of DGB’s to be exchanged for 51 SDC’s good trade? Zaybian assumed all was well and went on to enter this new coin into his portfolio and that is when he noticed that his 62 USD in DGB was converted into 51 SDC’s about a value of $5.81. huhhhhhhhh

Zaybian immediately contacted Coinomi Support who in turn ask him to contact ShapeShift. He filled out ShapeShifts support form and waited….this is not what he did see my kid brother can be relentless at times, I personally love his relentlessness Coinomi and ShapeShift got the brunt end of what Zaybian calls rage tweets until ShapeShift reached out to his handle and asked him to DM them. It’s important to know that Zaybian is autistic something he doesn’t understand can be incredibly catastrophic, something small to you or me can weigh very heavy on a kid like him. I received multiple texts from Zaybian, he was in hysterics rapidly texting me so I called my dad and confirmed what I already thought our family’s annual memorial day road trip to Six Flags was in jeopardy, Zaybian himself admits it was a “code red”.

It was less than an hour later when Zay texted me and said ShapeShift was returning his DGB’s and at the price, DGB was when the error occurred, he was ecstatic as were my seven other siblings who were currently at the whims of a “code red”. At this point, ShapeShift has already saved the day once and the annual road trip resumed as normal.

Then my phone rings and I see it’s Zaybian two things are weird, first, it’s 2 am for me and second Zaybian wouldn’t call the president if he was asked to, it’s not his thing to call anyone. I answer and hear “my money is gone” I asked him what he meant he began to tell me that ShapeShift had emailed him and said, in fact, it was not an error on their end it was an error on his end and he has to be careful and research a coin before trading into it. If Zay had researched he would have known that Shadow Cash is slowly but surely becoming a shadow itself and the devs have abandoned the project. Turns out ShapeShifts conversion was 100% accurate and because the coin has no liquidity Zaybian’s 4800 DGB’s were only worth 51 SDC’s to put that in perspective 51 SDC = $5.81 and falling, 4800 DGB = $92.00 and climbing, SDC was a dead coin the fear of almost any crypto investor.

If Zaybian was in rage tweet mode earlier than he was in text/email rage mode now, ShapeShift was 100% right, but Zay felt very wronged and worst he felt he failed he lost more than half of his portfolio he voiced his concerns in Direct Massages to and got the greatest HOWEVER of his life.broski (2)


The fact is that ShapeShift didn’t have to do this, who I will call the “ShapeShift Saint” could have just as easily not helped my kid brother this was his fault after all, but they didn’t they showed true class and heart. That wasn’t customer service, customer service was put aside for a moment that was a person to person or in this instance ShapeShift Saint to child moment that touched my heart. This Shape Shifting Saint had no idea of Zaybian’s autism, the family road trip or code red number one and two. This moment is an example of why ShapeShift is in a class of their own not only in being one of the most reliable exchanges in the world but being experts at putting their feet in their customer’s shoes. Your team saved our family’s annual Memorial Day weekend road trip to Six Flag’s and you did with pure class, from the entire family thank you ShapeShift team!!!

The Shape Shifting Saint was not done they, bless their heart offered to send Zaybian official ShapeShift socks which absolutely sent him through the roof because Zaybian has what I call Sock Swagger. Once again the ShapeShifting Saint went above and beyond what their job title was, that’s not only admirable it should be a training piece on how to bring peoples feelings back into the realm of customer service what the ShapeShifting Saint has done is simply honorable I wish nothing but the best for ShapeShift and I’m sure they will continue providing the best exchange for us.


By @dapeaple

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